About Us

Art n Space Studio is a multidisciplinary firm based in Kolhapur, founded by Architects Santosh Ramane and Saniya Kulkarni. The firm has delivered many award-winning projects across India, showcasing expertise in sustainable architecture, traditional architecture, institutional architecture, and urban projects.

We are a multidisciplinary firm specializing in ecological architecture. Our work aims to demonstrate that sustainable design can be both mainstream and relevant across diverse contexts, including geography, typology, and scale, while aligning with clients' aspirations for aesthetics, functionality, and budget. Our efforts are particularly concentrated on urban environments, where we use innovative materials and systems to challenge conventional notions of architecture. Each project serves as a platform for refining this approach through informed, collaborative, and multidisciplinary efforts.

Amidst the global climate crisis, it’s crucial to rethink our approach to construction, shifting from "What should we build?" to "Should we build?" When building is necessary, we must prioritize repurposing environmental hazards over using new materials.

At ART N SPACE STUDIO, we focus on sustainable construction using local and waste materials. Our research and development in techniques like the Catalan vault, Rohtak dome, filler slab, rammed earth, and stone work underscore our commitment.

Our goal is to create innovative, functional designs that are site-responsive and sustainable, proving that ecological architecture can be mainstream and impactful.